Land of Wine

A brand new wine experience.

Real bottles of exceptional value that have never left their land of birth. Waiting for you! Preserved in the best conditions in the cellars of the wine estates that produced them.

NFTExclusively sold as blockchain-backed ownership certificates (NFT).

Rare bottles you won't find anywhere else.

Kept in the cellars of the wine estates which produced them.

Exceptional wines

Certified access to the finest and rarest bottles from the best winegrowers in the world.

Authenticity proof

The bottles have never left the wine estate of their origin. Secured against counterfeit.

Secured property

An NFT blockchain certificate guarantees the unique ownership right of the bottle.


The owner is free to either keep or resell his certficate or he can withdraw the real bottle for his own enjoyment.

One minute to understand the concept!

Lauching soon!

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